2nd Workshop on “Neuromorphic photonics and applications”

University of West Attica, 13th and 14th of July 2023

Brain inspired computing and its implementation at high throughput and low power consumption is the holy grail of the digital transition era. State of the art conventional computers face significant difficulties in keeping up with the exponentially growing amount of complex artificial intelligence tasks accompanied by vast amounts of data. Neuromorphic processors and especially their photonic implementation gain ground as promising accelerators for low latency, high bandwidth and low energy intelligent computing.

Following the first successful workshop on Neuromorphic Photonics , the 2nd workshop on “Neuromorphic photonics and applications” is organized by three EU funded projects (NEoteRIC H2020PROMETHEUS Horizon EuropePlasmoniAC H2020) and its goal is to bring together all research groups around the globe that are currently active in neuromorphic photonics. The workshop will be a 2-day event. All speakers are researchers representing significant groups in the field and will cover the subject in different aspects presenting the latest achievements in the fields of neuromorphic photonic engineering and optical neural networks.


A team of renowned experts from academia and industry will present the latest achievements in the rapidly evolving field of neuromorphic photonics and significant applications of neuromorphic technology in Artificial Intelligence

Confirmed up to date

Lorenzo Pavesi, University of Trento
Jose Capmany, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, iPronics Programmable Photonics
Francesco Da Ros, Technical University of Denmark
Miguel Cornelles Soriano, Universitat de les Illes Balears
Bhavin J. Shastri, Queen’s University
Antonio Hurtado, University of Strathclyde
Daniel Brunner, CNRS, FEMTO-ST, Optics department, Besancon
Bin Shi, Eindhoven University of Technology
Miltiadis Moralis-Pegios, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Harish Bhaskaran, Oxford University
Sarah Masaad, Ghent University
Charis Mesaritakis, University of the Aegean
Bert Jan Offrein, IBM Research – Zurich
Serge Massar, Université libre de Bruxelles
Kathy Lüdge, Technische Universität Ilmenau
Volker J. Sorger, George Washington University
Anastasios Tefas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Ryan Hamerly, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Timoleon Moraitis, Huawei Technologies – Zurich Research Center
Nathan Youngblood, University of Pittsburgh

Organizing committee

Adonis Bogris – Univ. of West Attica,
Dissemination manager in EU projects NEoteRIC H2020, PROMETHEUS Horizon Europe

Charis Mesaritakis – Univ. of the Aegean,
Technical Manager in EU projects NEoteRIC H2020, PROMETHEUS Horizon Europe

Nikos Pleros – Aristotle Univ. of Thessaloniki,
Coordinator in EU project PlasmoniAC

Contact and Venue


University of West Attica

Ag. Spyridonos Str., Egaleo
Postal Code 12243, Athens


Email Address

Adonis Bogris: abogris@uniwa.com

Charis Mesaritakis: cmesar@aegean.gr

Nikos Pleros: npleros@csd.auth.gr

More info at: https://rncp.eu/workshop

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